Delivering unique files

You can send unique files after an order has already been placed, like one-off designs or individualized reports, after you’ve finished creating them, your individual files are attached to each order.

Perfect if your customers can customize your products while placing the order.  Or if your customers need time to approve your final product.

This is how you can handle this with our App.


  1. Create your digital product in our App.  Configure the delivery mode to On Fulfillment and don’t upload any files to it.
  2. When an order is placed, open the order in Shopify and use the drop-down More Actions to select the Manage Order link.
  3. Select the drop-down arrow beside each product on the order and upload the file(s) you need for that unique order.
  4. Select the Unfulfilled icon beside each product you are delivering – this will trigger the delivery email to be sent.
  5. Optional: Send a custom email message using the form at the bottom of the page – this is useful if you need to update a revision for a file and send a note with it after you’ve already fulfilled the order.

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