Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t the chat icon show on my store?Check you have the correct spelling for your Facebook page. What locations can I display the chat icon in my store?The most popular position to use is ‘right bottom’ because it’s most similar to Facebook Messenger itself. Is Facebook Chat Flux compatible […]

Products with digital and physical variants

Setting up and delivering your digital and physical variants for any one of your products is easy with the App. For example: You want to sell one piece of art as either a high-resolution digital file or a canvas print to ship; Or You want to sell your cookbook as […]

Removing as a section

If you’ve added Instagram Feed to one of your store’s sections, then here’s how you can remove it. Steps: From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store and select Themes. Choose the theme you want to add the section to, select Customize. Select the section you want to remove. Select […]

Installing manually

Installing manually is rarely required and only needed if you’ve already tried a normal installation, but PWA Boost isn’t working on your store. Before You Start: Enable PWA Boost on your site, then follow these steps. Steps: Open your theme.liquid file ready for editing. In the code editor find the […]


The auto-detection uses browser settings since this method is more accurate than IP or country detection. Auto-detecting through browser settings is more effective because it works: In countries where people who speak different languages for example Russia, Singapore and India. In regions where people move around a lot, for example, […]

Missing image alt text

If you’ve inputted image alt text into your Shopify store and SEO Ranger still reports missing image alt text. When it comes to Shopify and image alt-text, there are two working layers you to understand. Shopify itself, where you enter in the alt-text for any product/variant images, collection images or […]

Removing manually

Steps: Open your theme.liquid file ready for editing. Scroll right to the bottom of the code editor window to find the {% ‘facebook-chat-flux’ %} tag. Delete the {% ‘facebook-chat-flux’ %} text, be careful not to edit anything else. Select Save, Facebook Chat Flux should now be removed from your site.

Adding as a section

Steps: From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store and select Themes. Find the theme you want to add the section to, and select Customize. Select Add Section. Find Apps By Uplinkly Instagram Feed and click on it, then Select. The settings will appear in the left sidebar, edit text […]

Delivering unique files

You can send unique files after an order has already been placed, like one-off designs or individualized reports, after you’ve finished creating them, your individual files are attached to each order. Perfect if your customers can customize your products while placing the order.  Or if your customers need time to […]