Missing image alt text

If you’ve inputted image alt text into your Shopify store and SEO Ranger still reports missing image alt text.

When it comes to Shopify and image alt-text, there are two working layers you to understand.

  1. Shopify itself, where you enter in the alt-text for any product/variant images, collection images or blog featured images.
  2. Your theme, which is responsible for displaying the alt-text when it generates the page for your products/blog posts/collections/etc..

Even if your images are all configured with alt-text correctly, if your theme doesn’t correctly implement it, the alt-text still won’t appear correctly.  And SEO Ranger will tell you about it.

Often themes don’t take that data and generate store code properly.

It’s a common alt-text problem when it comes to displaying related products and collections.  And, themes often have images embedded within them – credit card logos, ‘sold out’ signs – which some themes don’t correctly implement too.

Sometimes Shopify support staff aren’t trained to read HTML.  So they can say whether you’ve inputted the data into your Shopify interface or not – but not if the theme wasn’t programmed to display them correctly.

You can contact your theme vendor to make a fix, or if you’ve got a web developer for your store competent in html/liquid code, they should be able to fix this up for you.

If you want all the errors fixed for you, our SEO Ranger Pro service does that.  Along with continuing to monitor your site and keep it error-free whenever you change things or add products or pages and when google algorithms change.

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