Temporary drops in traffic

You’ll almost always see a temporary drop in traffic when you make certain changes to your site.   

Since Google uses content to determine relevancy for their search queries,  content changes have an impact on your store rankings. 

Even small changes to titles, headings, metatags can affect rankings temporarily.  

Google needs some time to recognize your changes and assign authority again to your store.

SEO changes, including what we do with SEO Ranger Pro, normally take a minimum six weeks, sometimes longer, to positively affect your store rankings.  Google rank is not immediate.

We always recommend reviewing your content before using SEO Ranger Pro.  This is because if you’re removing pages, this has a bigger impact on SEO in a negative way.   

Adding fresh new content and more products don’t do that, so you can confidently add more at any time. 

In fact, you can positively help your store’s ranking by adding keyword-rich text to your blog and continue posting to keep information fresh.

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