Editing Google descriptions

If the Google description for your store’s pages aren’t accurate, you can suggest changes to the description that displays on google. Here’s how-to for your store’s homepage, blog posts or product, collections, pages and posts/articles below: Editing Google descriptions for products, collections, pages, and posts/articles: Steps: Open up the product, […]

Removing manually

Steps: Open your theme.liquid file ready for editing. Scroll to the bottom of the code editor window to find the {% ‘instagram-feed-by-uplinkly’ %} tag. Delete the {% ‘instagram-feed-by-uplinkly’ %} text, be careful not to edit anything else. Select Save, Instagram Feed is now removed from your site. Note: If necessary, remove any code […]

Streaming audio and video

By enabling streaming, your customers will video or listen to your audio content without actually downloading any of your media files.    It’s a great way you can deter customers from the unauthorized sharing of your work.  Turning on streaming mode Steps: Within the app configuration, edit the audio or video you […]

Translation text issues

A few translation Apps don’t properly support Sticky Cart Pro, so the text on the bar appears inaccurate.  This is easily fixed using custom translation code for these Apps, you’ll just need to add a small snippet. Steps: In the app configuration go to the Advanced Tab. Copy and paste […]

Protecting your digital files

Piracy in the digital world is a real problem.  Digital Downloads by Uplinkly offers a bunch of protective strategies to deter unauthorized sharing. First, let’s look into what Digital Rights Management (DRM) is. What is Digital Rights Management DRM? DRM is intended to safeguard or lockdown your digital assets by […]

Migrating from an existing service

You’re never stuck with your existing provider.  We can easily migrate your existing digital items from an another app such as the Shopify Digital Download App, Sky Pilot, SendOwl etc. We’ll do our best to make the transition smooth for you – you’ll need to grant temporary access to your […]

Fixing translations

If you have issues with the consistency of translations, or there are a few potential reasons. Content itself is inconsistent The store is written in more than one language For example some English and some French.  The store content should be edited into one single language throughout, for example all […]

Removing manually

Steps: Open your own theme.liquid file ready for editing. Scroll to the very bottom of the code editor window to find the {% ‘language-translate-by-uplinkly’ %} tag. Delete the {% ‘language-translate-by-uplinkly’ %} text, be careful not to edit anything else. Select Save, language Translate should now be removed from your site. Important: If you embedded the widget on […]