Flags only display

If you want to save on space by displaying only flags and removing the text on the widget, there are a few things to consider first. Displaying only flags without text is possible, but by far it’s not a popular option.  This is because it can lead to confusion for […]

Creating temporary download links

Digital Downloads by Uplinkly has the ability to generate Temporary Download Links, this is useful: If you are selling bespoke unique products If you want to resend your customer access to your product Steps: Open the product within our App. Select the Get Temporary Link. Set an expiry date – […]

Scrolling up to product options

These instructions apply to Sticky Cart, the free version. Contact us for changes to Sticky Cart Pro. Steps: Within the app configuration, click on the Advanced tab. Copy and paste the code below into the Custom Javascript Handler box. original_button.closest(‘form[action*=”/cart/add”]’).scrollIntoView({behavior: ‘smooth’, block: ‘center’}); Select Save and refresh your storefront.

Changing default language

Language Translate automatically detects your default language from your chosen language in your published theme. If the app default language is different from what you think it should be, you’ll need to change settings within your theme. Before You Start: You must publish your theme before following these steps. Steps: […]

Delivery modes

Digital Downloads By Uplinkly has three different delivery modes to suit different business models. Each one works a little differently. On Payment This option is the default.  After a customer places and pays for an order: The digital files are made available immediately. The status of the order is unfulfilled […]

Enabling Google analytics

We’ve added in Google Analytics integration to Sticky Cart, so you can better assess what type of increase in clicks you’re getting. You can turn it on in the app configuration and it’ll be ready to go.  If your store already has Google Analytics configured. When someone clicks on the […]

Installing manually

Installing manually is rarely required and only needed if you’ve already tried a normal installation, but Instagram Feed isn’t working on your store. Before You Start: Enable Instagram Feed on your site, then follow these steps. Steps: Open your theme.liquid file ready for editing. Scroll to the very bottom of […]

Choosing file formats for eBooks

PDFs and EPUB file formats are the most popular formats for eBooks.  If you are selling them already or planning to, here’s the low down on the pros and cons. PDF (Portable File Documents) PDF files are very widely supported.  PDF isn’t technically a true eBook, but it’s the format […]

Removing on specific pages

You can easily disable Sticky Cart on a particular page. If you can add this CSS code to that specific page, where you like, it will hide the sticky cart button on that page. Here’s the code to add: .sticky-cart-button{display:none!important} Learn more about customizing CSS.

Migrating and retaining customer access to past purchases

If you’re migrating to our app we can make sure your existing customers have continued access to the purchases they made previously through another service. Our App will need to be installed and the products all set up before the historic purchases are imported.    We can disable the delivery emails […]